First Eastern Investments Limited’s Australian Expat Services

At First Eastern Investments Limited, we can help Australian expats with all their financial matters in the same way a financial planner does in Australia, with two main distinctions:

Having many expats on our team, we appreciate better than most how resident and expat Australians are considered differently on their financial assets and income. At times, the financial plans that were established while in Australia are not the most suitable after you become an expat.

When it comes to individual and financial goals, we do not just treat it as business. We believe in the old-fashioned methods of working together and talking over your needs openly and cordially.

A number of the First Eastern Investments Limited team are dual licensed, having qualified in both Hong Kong and in Australia (ASIC).

Our team will help you to:

  • Organise your Australian assets
  • Discuss how best to manage your assets outside of Australia
  • Ensure your finances are tax efficient
  • Protect you and your family
  • Planning your retirement
  • Pension consolidation, management and contributions while abroad Estate and Inheritance tax
  • Planning for when you return to Australia