First Eastern Investments Limited - Investment Management

Once we have determined what are the most important factors to you and what your primary goals are, it is critical to set up your investment portfolio in line with those.

How much risk is acceptable?

Before creating a portfolio, it is crucial to establish your tolerance to risk.

No two people have precisely the same view of risk. Some people take a wait-and-see attitude and do not worry about the ups and downs of the market. Others are more cautious but are willing to take on some risk. First Eastern Investments Limited can help you determine the most appropriate risk you should consider.

How is money invested?

The central factor in establishing an investment portfolio is determining how your capital will be invested. The markets will fluctuate, and the return on your investment may not be known. Therefore, First Eastern Investments Limited employs an investment management method that is in line with our Evidence-Based Investment (EBI) principles. Evidence-based investment is a central part of our investment portfolios.

What is EBI?

EBI is a scientific investment management approach used by our team in Hong Kong. It strategically combines our historical and current data with the truth about an unknowable future. EBI is more willing to use alternative facts, logic and empirical evidence where traditional investment management may use forecasts or emotional judgments to steer their decisions.