Other Professional Services offered by First Eastern Investments Limited

First Eastern Investments Limited practice whole of life Financial Planning and Wealth Management, and wherever possible, we attempt to deliver all the solutions clients may possibly need to achieve their financial goals. However, we realise that there some aspects of planning that demand the assistance of other professionals, and as such, we have formed partnerships with third-party providers to facilitate clients with the following:

  • Writing a Will
  • Properties
  • Mortgages
  • Legal Advice

Writing a Will

Preparing your will is one of those matters that people often know needs to be done but are hesitant to do. Writing a Will, and keeping it up to date, should be a high priority for all to make sure that your beneficiaries are taken care of, in the way you want, and that provisions are in place to care for any children.

We can refer you to specialist Will writing companies who will ease this difficult process to ensure your Will is correctly written, legally valid and is held somewhere secure.


With the assistance of our professional property partners, we can help you to find and buy your perfect home or other real estate. Some of our partners develop high-end turnkey solutions, and others can offer a concierge property location and management service. Commercial property purchases can also be catered.


Once you have settled on your chosen property, we can help you to find the best mortgage packages around. We partner with professionals that can help with both domestic and expatriate mortgages in numerous countries.

Legal Advice

Occasionally we all need the services of a good lawyer, and we use firms that can help with property and conveyancing matters as well as lawyers that can help with delicate family and other situations.