Privacy Policy

First Eastern Investments Limited

Any personal data collected in the course of providing our services to you will be kept and used by us in accordance with the appropriate data protection legislation.

We have security procedures that cover the storage and disclosure of your personal information to prevent unauthorised access and to meet our legal responsibilities. If you choose to provide personal information through this website or to First Eastern Investments Ltd., you are agreeing that it may be held by us and can be used by us in the following ways:

  • we may veify your personal information with other data that you supply, or that is held by us about you to confirm your identity, and we may also verify with, provide to and collect from other financial organisations, institutions, or other persons your personal data for the purposes of daily provision of the services provided by First Eastern Investments Ltd. to you;

  • for statistical purposes and analysis;

  • to create and improve products and services we provide;

  • for our administrative and compliance reasons;

  • to detect and prevent crime;

  • to detect and prevent misuse of our services or rights and to apply our terms and conditions or to protect our property or rights;

  • to alow our company to use it to identify products and services which may be appropriate for you, and First Eastern Investments Ltd. and its associates may contact you to inform you about such findings; and

  • for administrative reasons, we may occasionally perform or instruct others to perform anti-money laundering assessments or for the purpose of regular anti-money laundering reviews obligated by law for the prevention and detection of criminal activity, money laundering and terrorist financing. We may utilise workers from associated companies, whether in this country or overseas or, if appropriate, we will engage specialist workers to perform such work whether locally or overseas. At all times, any staff involved in such checks will be expressly trained and will not disclose personal information to any third party unless permitted by law to do so. Such staff will only operate in accordance with our instructions and in a protected environment. You agree to the disclosure of your information in this way for these specified purposes. Please be aware that we may use e-verification for identification purposes.

Personal information retained by First Eastern Investments Ltd. or its agents which is supplied by you will be held confidentially but, occasionally, and on a need to know basis, First Eastern Investments Ltd. or our agents may disclose such data to the following parties (whether locally in Hong Kong or overseas):

  • any agent or third party service provider who supplies First Eastern Investments Ltd. or our agents with administrative, telecoms, technical, financial or other services in connection with the operation of its business;
  • any of the First Eastern Investments Ltd. affiliates, which have agreed to keep such information confidential;
  • any persons to whom First Eastern Investments Ltd. is legally obliged to make disclosures to under any law that compels First Eastern Investments Ltd. or our agents or under any guidelines by regulatory or other authorities with which First Eastern Investments Ltd. must comply.

Under and in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Laws of Hong Kong (Cap 486) (PDPO), you have the right to:

  • enquire if First Eastern Investments Ltd. has personal data about you and the right to view such data;
  • expect us to correct any personal data which is not accurate;
  • ascertain First Eastern Investments Ltd.’s policies and practices in relation to personal data and to be informed of the type of personal data held by First Eastern Investments Ltd.; and
  • disapprove the sale or use of your personal data for direct marketing by sending a written request to First Eastern Investments Ltd.

In accordance with the PDPO, First Eastern Investments Ltd. has the right to levy a reasonable charge for the handling of any personal information request.

Requests for personal data, correction of personal data, dispproval of the sale or use of data, or for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of personal data held by First Eastern Investments Ltd. or our agents should be addressed for the attention of our Compliance Officer.

Although we take all reasonable steps to safeguard your personal information over the internet, by using encryption and privacy protection, the internet is not a totally secure environment and for this reason we cannot be completely sure that messages and emails will not be intercepted, read or copied by unauthorised parties. You accept these intrinsic security consequences and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless it is because of our express negligence.


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