Private Investment Office Services at First Eastern Investments Limited

The First Eastern Investments Limited Private Investment Office takes the best aspects of both private banks and family offices and is primarily focused on serving the needs of high net worth clients and their families. We provide the investment management skills and safe custody of assets offered by a private bank while preserving the unbiased approach and broad range of services offered by a family office.


In typical private banking, the relationship manager has numerous client accounts to take care of. As a function of their role, they can be highly motivated to achieve their Key Performance Indicators such as income generated, the total value of the assets they manage as well as the amount you have with them. This can sometimes lead them to place more emphasis on hitting targets than ensuring their clients’ best interests are served.

First Eastern Investments Limited’s Private Investment Office team provide investment advice in line with the principles of putting clients first and being open and transparent in all matters.

Investment Philosophy

Managing risk is a foundation of our overall investment philosophy at First Eastern Investments Limited. To grow wealth successfully over time, assets must first be protected from downturns and market volatility.

Our investment processes are developed and monitored to ensure we minimise key risks wherever possible. One element of this is diversification, which we believe is a central element in minimising risk over the medium to long term.

Evidence indicates to us that markets are efficient as stock prices take into account all publicly available information as extreme competition between those active in the markets forces prices to fair values.

Our investment philosophy follows the concepts of evidence-based investing where many years of detailed research have detected aspects of higher potential returns. This is at variance with the typical investment approach that tries to outdo the markets by stock selection and attempting to carefully time purchases and sales. A well-crafted investment plan founded on a transparent and diversified portfolio can be constructed to achieve superior returns over the long term.

This is then brought together with the other information such as your chosen risk acceptance, and investment aims to devise a strategic asset allocation. Additionally, a rebalancing plan will be decided on to lessen risk relative to the specified asset allocation, rather than to go all out for maximum returns.

It is vital that a portfolio is restructured occasionally as asset classes generate different returns; thus, the weighting selected as suitable at when the portfolio was first created will change over time and need rebalancing.

We believe that adjusting the weightings over time will add to the mitigation of risk.

Investment Advice

We use a methodical advisory process in the evaluation of your financial position and to better understand your financial and other ambitions.

This includes:

  • Expectations of returns
  • Acceptance of risk
  • Intended time scale
  • Tax implications
  • Investment constraints

After considering your investment profile and risk acceptance level, we create an investment strategy that is designed to realise your goals.

It is also important to take into account:

  • Wealth Optimization
  • Retirement planning and liquidity
  • Expected returns forecasting
  • Tax efficiency
  • Individualised investment solution

After we have agreed on the right investment plan for you, we ensure that it is implemented efficiently.

Once in place, we work with you continually to make sure we stay on the right track in line with your objectives and make refinements to account for any changes that occur. We believe you should always be kept up to date and well informed, and we do this by email and through conversations.