First Eastern Investments Limited’s British Expat Services

Being a UK expat overseas has many benefits. You travel the world and get paid for it, experience new cultures, receive a higher salary and pay less tax to mention just a few.

However, First Eastern Investments Limited appreciates that for many clients, it is not their long-term intent to stay an expat and at some time, sooner or later, are likely to go back to their home country.

Ensuring you stay on top of financial matters is extremely important while away from home, and can be easily neglected as the new experiences lull you into a false sense of security only to leave you ill-prepared upon your return home.

While you are overseas it may be useful to answer some the questions below:

While I’m overseas

  • Does my existing insurance cover me while I’m overseas?
  • Am I making use of all the tax advantages I could be?
  • Is my pension still the best one for my future?
  • What do I do about my UK tax returns?
  • How does being overseas affect my inheritance tax planning?
  • What do I do about my UK investments?

These may be just some of the questions you now have, and these along with any other matters that are concerning you can be addressed by speaking with First Eastern Investments Limited.

I’m Going Back Home

When you are leaving the expat life to return home, it is essential to check that all your finances are in order.

We recommend that this is a process that should be started several months before you leave if at all possible, to allow enough time to implement any changes that may be needed. We highly recommended that you consider:

  • Tax implications of your existing investments on your return to the UK
  • Repurchasing property in the UK
  • Currency exchange
  • Tax and pension implications of leaving the country where you are now
  • Relocation assistance

First Eastern Investments Limited develops and preserves long term relationships with our clients, so, even when you are back home, we can put you in touch with FCA regulated advisors that can continue to support you.